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RedSeven Lil'Wave


RedSeven Lil’Wave


LilʼWave is the little brother of our SOLD OUT “The Wave – True Analog Multichorus” rack effect.

It takes one of the three original delay lines with two settings of RATE, INTENSITY and MIX. L.W. is an 100% analog mono chorus, it is for sure the deepest and richest sounding chorus pedal available. Weʼre on zero compromise on it, no digital simulation, no DSP, a pure 100% vintage and lush tone that is quite unique.

  • Side 1 is where your vibrato sound is. Faster and deeper LFO than Side 2, with an unique approch. This side is also perfect with lower MIX setting for distorted sound.
  • Side 2 is the classic evergreen “ʼ80s L.A. sound”. In “CLASSIC” mode the sound is fat, rich, and deep. “TSC” mode is where the magic happens. Instant ‘80s ballad presetted tone here, screeming of Mike, Dann and of course Luke. A truly unique journey between the Los Angeles golden era of session players.


Thereʼs no pedal in the market right now capable of this enormous sound quality and richness without any muddy or “over modulated” sound.


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  • Rate 1 & 2: control the speed of the LFO.
  • Intensity 1 & 2: control the amplitude of the LFO.
  • Mix 1 & 2: mix between dry and wet signal. At 100% you have 25% dry / 75% wet.
  • CLASSIC/TSC switch (operate only on MODE II): a selection between two.
    different delays, CLASSIC is shorter and more “ensable”, TSC is longer, deeper and lush.
  • ON/OFF: on/off for the effect. Truebypass relay bases bypass.
  • MODE I & II: Here you can chose between two presetted values of Rate, Intensity and Mix controls.

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Dimensions 3.94 × 4.92 × 1.97 in


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