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Jan Jakut

Vintage strings for a new sound: more sustain, clarity and tone, super comfortable to play.

Jan Jakut is a jazz guitarist and music publisher. Confronting the musical aesthetics of Hendrix and Cobain with textures derived from Jazz, 50s and 60s instrumental music, he explores American Popular Music in a Jazz setting.

After several of his sheet music books have been published by Schott Music and being a sought-after session musician in Berlin, Jan was awarded the Helen A. Reynolds Endowed Scholarship in Music and worked as Teaching Assistant for the Jazz program of the University of Washington – School of Music, Seattle. In 2016 he was the only finalist from the US in the Jazz category of Lee Ritenour’s international Six String Theory Music Competition.

With Juju Music Edition Jan publishes transcriptions and educational material with innovative concepts for solo guitar which sustain and propel the rich heritage of American Popular Music by making its idiom and general body of knowledge available for current and future students of music in the US and abroad.

Jan performs in the Pacific Northwest and gives workshops for solo guitar at institutions like the California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley.


Jan Jakut

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