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RedSeven Alkemy


RedSeven Alkemy


Alkemy contains two independent pedals in one box. Our classic boost circuit, 100% transparent and capable of a +24dB clean volume boost. The Drive side is a state-of-the-art boutique overdrive circuit, the perfect way to push the front end of your amplifier to the next level.

Besides the three classics; VOLUMETONE, and GAIN, Alkemy offers two settings of clipping and a FAT/NORMAL switch for tons of sound combinations. This is pure magic. This is not a clone of anything you will find out there. We have tuned the drive side of Alkemy to work either with a single channel amplifier or to add an excellent gain stage in front of your already overdriven amp.

Last but not least, the ORDER switch, it allows you to select the order of the two effects. Basically, you can have a boutique overdrive with a clean boost after, or the same overdrive but with a gain stage in front of it.


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  • Volume: output volume control (drive side only);
  • Tone: passive tone control (drive side only);
  • Gain: gain control (drive side only);
  • Boost: boost level (boost side only);
  • FAT/NORMAL: choose between two different structures of gain (drive side only);
  • CLIPPING: choose between two different styles of clipping, diode or LED (drive side only);
  • ON/OFF: on/off for the overdrive side. True-bypass relay bases bypass;
  • BOOST: on/off for the boost side. True-bypass relay bases bypass.


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Important Notes:

  • All RedSeven Amplification pedals share the same INPUT/OUTPUT/ REMOTE/DC INPUT control layout. 
  • All RedSeven Amplification pedals must be powered with ONLY 9volts DC negative center. Any other voltage could seriously damage the pedal. 
  • REMOTE JACK allows you to control your RedSeven Amplification pedal with a simple TRS jack. You can turn on/ off the pedal with a latching control between R (ring) and S (sleeve) and select between mode I and mode 2 with a latching control between T (tip) and S (sleeve).

Additional information

Weight 17.6 oz
Dimensions 3.94 × 4.92 × 1.97 in


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