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Dale Adams

Plays in…
Lexington Lab Band
Big River Band
Lauren Mink Band

Sonotone strings give me the two things I look for most in guitar strings, great tone and feel. The feel of these strings is soft and they have great dynamics. Since I’ve been using Sonotone Strings my guitars have a new voice I love. They let the guitar speak more than other strings I’ve used.

“Dale Adams discovered guitar at age 14. “A friend who played drums asked me to learn guitar so we could start a band.” That challenge turned into a lifelong passion for guitar that today includes recording, playing live and teaching guitar. Dale has found a lifelong companion in his guitar and enjoys playing in a variety of musical settings.

Dale has also pursued a complementary passion of being a Teacher of Exceptional Students. Dale has worked directly with students of all grade levels to help them overcome personal challenges. His love for music has given him a common vocabulary to develop relationships with his students and provide teaching opportunities.

In 2007 Dale began sharing his passion for guitar via his YouTube channel. His ‘Tonedr’ channel has allowed him to have a new audience with whom to share live performances, recording and his love of teaching. With 37,000 subscribers and over 15 million views, Dale’s channel has connected him to an ever growing number of players and musicians. Dale says, “I originally began posting videos on YouTube so I could hear what my own playing sounded like and have a reference for when I forgot how to play songs! I’ve often gone back to my own videos to remember how to play something.”

Daisy Goes A Dancin’ 2:39

One of Dale’s greatest memories came from his Tonedr Channel. “I posted a tutorial video of Aerosmiths song ‘No More No More.’ One of my greatest heroes, Joe Perry, temporarily forgot the tuning he used for the song, found my video on YouTube and was able to add the song to Aerosmith’s set list for the show that night.” Dale was invited to spend a day with Aerosmith and got to play the soundcheck through Joe’s rig. “It was just amazing to get to see Mr. Perry’s guitars that I have grown up seeing and listening too. Getting to spend some time with him in a private setting was surreal.”

In 2013 Dale was asked to be a ‘Core Member’ of the Lexington Lab Band. LLB’s desire was to cover artists of significance in the lives of the 5 core members and do so with accuracy and integrity to the original recordings. The LLB has done 26 episodes from artist such as Steely Dan, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Heart, Boston, Johnny Cash and many others. “The Lab Band has given me the opportunity to play with integrity so many of the songs I grew up with. To learn solos from such heroes of mine as Joe Perry, Larry Carlton, Don Felder, Elliot Easton, Neal Schon, Howard Leese, Tom Scholz, Mick Ralphs, Steve Gaines, Jay Graydon, and many others. It has been a challenge and a blast!”

Dale enjoys playing in some local bands and with local artists. He hopes to pursue more solo guitar dates in the future as well as recording some original music. Dale lives in Central KY with his family and favorite Boxer Dog, JP (Joe Perry).


Dale Adams



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