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The Gibson 1961 SonoTone STSG TVG.
Available in Stoptail, Maestro Vibrola, and Bigsby® Vibramate®.
SonoTone Strings
Warm up your tone.
Hear more and play more.
SonoTone Strings
You can focus on playing, we'll take care of the balance and tone.
Bass Strings
Warm up your low end tone.
Hear more, feel more, and play more.

SonoTone Testimonials

  • "These are the best strings I’ve used on my guitars, hands down."

    Stephen Raphael Marchione
  • "The Vintage Sono-Core 13-53 are excellent strings! Great sound and feel!"

    Jens Larsen
  • "Great strings, great staff!!"

    Camilo Velandia
  • "Once you put these strings on your instrument, you will not want to stop playing it! Amazing tone and playability! Do yourself a favor and check out SonoTone strings."

    Charlie O'Neal
  • "I love the sound, it has the perfect tone, and its feeling when touched is incredible."

    Gustavo Barette
  • "These strings complement any guitar I put them on - outstanding!"

    Johnny Hawthorn
  • "Outstanding tone, playability and durability to boot!"

    Johnny Hawthorn
  • "Working with the staff at SonoTone has been a wonderful experience. I have been in contact with Bill and he has answered all questions immediately. "

    Craig Wilson
  • "I’ve never played a string with better playability."

    Charlie O'Neal
  • "If you are serious about tone, you need to play Sonotone strings."

    Charlie O'Neal
  • "SonoTone strings make every note sing like an angel."

    Charlie O'Neal
  • "SonoTone strings are very musical and expressive."

    Camilo Velandia
  • "SonoTone strings are dynamic, responsive, and long lasting."

    Camilo Velandia
  • "Sonotone acoustic strings made even my cheapest acoustic sound incredible!"

    Brian Charles
  • "I really love the Vintage formula! The pure nickel wrap feels so smooth and the tone is noticeably even in volume and tone."

    Brian Charles
  • "Sonotone’s strings are so high-end, they could be used on a piano, and they last as long too."

    Rick O'Neal
  • “These strings play themselves, the expressiveness is unparalleled”

    Rick O'Neal
  • “These strings have depth, like a vocalist with a great range, SonoTone strings sing!”

    Rick O'Neal
  • “Sometimes I play aggressively, but there is no harshness with SonoTone, just more expressive tone.”

    Rick O'Neal
  • “These strings feel great, they sound full, from low frequency to hi.”

    Rick O'Neal
  • “The strings sound bright, but warm.”

    Rick O'Neal
  • "I didn’t know how much I loved my strings until I borrowed someone else’s guitar for a night while I was traveling. I couldn’t wait to get back to my Sonotone strings and my guitar."

    Allison Leah
  • "I use the Symphonic 12-53 strings and I love the rich tone they give my guitar!"

    Allison Leah
  • "The SonoTone Concert strings on my acoustic guitars (Collings, Froggy Bottom, Goodall, Waterloo) are really sensational."

    Jack Shawde
  • "My SonoTone Vintage strings make my electric guitars respond in such a lively way, an the tone just jumps out of the amps!"

    Jack Shawde
  • "These strings give consistent of tone, clarity, and rich definition across my fretboard."

    Evan Coniglio
  • "The most responsive and comfortable strings I have played."

    Evan Coniglio
  • "Enhances my guitar's tone!"

    Jan Jakut
  • "Vintage strings for a new sound: more sustain, clarity and tone, super comfortable to play."

    Jan Jakut
  • "Jeff is Really digging them, we made some custom Vintage sets for him based around our 10-46 & 11-48 gauges."

    Jeff Beck
  • "Symphonic Acoustic - the moment I put the Symphonic's on my Martin D35, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the sound of the guitar."

    David Hull
  • "Vintage Bass - The tone and feel are great! I love the note articulation and intonation of Sonotone Bass Strings."

    David Hull
  • "I love the feel and tone."

    Joe Perry
  • "You wanted the best you got the best!)!)"

    Mark Cecere
  • "Sonotone strings are unsurpassed in sound, feel, and quality."

    Mark Cecere
  • "A symphony in every string! The secret insides are a rainbow of vibrations and outside is slinkier than believable…what a GREAT feeling string! AND they seem to last longer than all the others! They will make your guitar….come alive."

    Paul Santo
  • "SonoTone strings feel great under my fingers, I like them a lot."

    Lance Keltner
  • "Better balance across chords, you hear the whole chord."

    Lance Keltner
  • "Handmade, Hand wound, and old school winding. They feel great."  

    Lance Keltner
  • "You'll have to feel a pack for yourself, they play better and sustain forever."

  • "SonoTone strings produce a noticeable difference in overtones."

  • "Keep an eye on Bowman. He’s moving toward a major national breakthrough."

    Larry Flick Billboard Magazine

Electric Guitar Strings

Your Tone… authentic, comfortable, and expressive.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

Brilliant, balanced, and warm.

Shiva Premium Pedals

The new standard series is the result of years of development to offer the best tone in smallest size. The  five brand new stompboxes represent Shiva’s philosophy: tone without compromises.

Shiva AlkemyShiva Alkemy

Shiva Alkemy

Shiva Aureal VerbShiva Aureal Verb

Shiva B2

Shiva Chaos TheoryShiva Chaos Theory
Shiva CompulonShiva Compulon
Shiva Lil’WaveShiva Lil’Wave
Shiva Misty MonkeyShiva Misty Monkey
ARRIVING SOONShiva OriginShiva Origin

Shiva Origin

Shiva Thousand EyesShiva Thousand Eyes

Smart Belle P51 Amplifier

Unbelievable Tone.


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