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RedSeven Leviathan-Open Box Mint!


RedSeven Leviathan-Open Box Mint!



The king of hi-gain. The new reference point. The new standard for those seeking real Cruelty. Born for the need to go beyond the classic distorted sounds present in all modern amplifiers, hence making them cold and sterile. That is not the case here. Thanks to the continuing demands for something particularly powerful, Leviathan has seen the light. Originally thought of as an extreme hi-gain – metal only oriented – an amplifier suited perfectly for lower tunings. But instead, it has been recognized to have a unique versatility that has rarely been heard before. This amp does it all.

The LEVIATHAN manages to switch from blues to more extreme rock/metal tones with the only use of your pick and your guitar’s volume control. The preamp features two channels, the first with a normal/hot mode for two selectable gain structures, suitable for blues and more aggressive modern rhythm tones. On the other hand, the second channel delivers a high amount of gain but still always maintains comprehensibility among all the notes, something thatʼs hardly ever heard before.

THE LEVIATHAN HAS AN INCREDIBLE STRING SEPARATION EVEN AT VERY HIGH GAIN. The power-amp is 4x KT88 based and has been specially designed and developed for this particular amplifier. It gives The LEVIATHAN a massive thickness and accuracy in pick response that is very hard to find in todayʼs huge market of amplifiers.


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  • Channel 1: gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, normal/hot mode, and bright switch;
  • Channel 2: gain, high, middle, bass, volume, and bright switch;
  • Double Master volume, two-step completely independent volumes;
  • High-voltage buffered effects loop;
  • Double Master volume, for two steps of volume;
  • MIDI communication (P.C. and CC) with intelligent internal saving;
  • 120W of total output with KT88;
  • Power and signal transformers are designed by our specifications, made in Italy;
  • Entirely designed, created, produced, and assembled by hand in Italy by RedSeven Amplification;

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Weight 1500.00 oz
Dimensions 10.63 × 24.80 × 9.45 in


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