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Jack Shawde

Plays in…
Karen Feldner
Darrell Arnold Band

Jim Wurster Band
Diane Ward and the Band of Virgos

My SonoTone Vintage strings make my electric guitars respond in such a lively way, an the tone just jumps out of the amps!


Jack Shawde is one of the Southeast’s most in-demand performing and recording musicians, and producer. In addition to being a craftsman of the electric guitar, nylon string and steel string acoustic guitar, Jack also plays the mandolin, resonator ‘Dobro’ style guitar, lap steel, dulcimer and banjo.

Throughout his career, Jack has performed, recorded or toured with such legends as Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, Richie Havens, Stan Lynch (Tom Petty), Al Cooper (Blood Sweat & Tears), Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. Jack has performed and recorded all over the world, including accompanying Enrique Iglesias at the Latin Grammy Awards, which were televised live to a world-wide audience of 10 million.

The latest CD by Diane Ward, titled “Beautiful Ways”, is now available !!! Jack co-produced, recorded & played multiple instruments on “Beautiful Ways”. Mixed by John Merchant (Mika, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, BeeGees) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Carrie Underwood, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters and countless others) at Bob Ludwig’s Gateway Mastering, the CD sounds terrific and is chock full of great Diane Ward songs!! Buy it — you’ll like it !!

Jack also co-produced, recorded & performed on Diane’s previous albums, including ‘Wonderlight’ which was mixed by John Merchant and mastered by legendary mastering guru, Bob Ludwig (Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin). ‘Wonderlight’ received airplay on AAA radio nationally. ‘Trampoline Hero’ was the #1 Single on Sirius OUT Q channel 109. ‘Unloving Game’ was a top 10 single on Sirius OUT Q channel 109.

Prior to ‘Wonderlight,’ Diane released her tour de force album ‘The Great Impossible.’ It was another co-production by Jack & Diane and mastered by Greg Calbi (Bruce Springsteen, Aimee Mann). Songs from Diane Ward’s CD ‘The Great Impossible’ were featured in the 2013 independent film, ‘Calloused Hands.’ Previously, MTV took notice of the album and licensed it in its entirety. The producers of the Academy Award nominated film ‘Crash’ featured one of Diane’s songs on the premier episode of their TV series, ‘Angela’s Eyes’ broadcast on the Lifetime Channel & several songs from ‘The Great Impossible’ were also featured in the Award-winning documentary ‘Blindsided’ which aired on HBO.

The new Diane Ward CD, which Jack and Diane are co-producing, is almost finished!

Jack’s recent production credits include the new album by Darrell Arnold “Changing World”, and Karen Feldner’s latest album, ‘Take My Heart and Run’. In addition to producing both albums, Jack played numerous different instruments on each. Jack produced singer-songwriter Jim Wurster’s Americana album “Straight To Me”, and is and entitled ‘Straight To Me”, and Jack is producing and playing almost every instrument on Jim’s latest soon to be release album.

He also appears on several tracks of the latest “Edison Project” album featuring LA based songwriter, Karma.

Jack co-produced and performed on ‘Treachery, Lust & Misfortune – American Celtic,’ the latest album by the Celtic rock band, The Three Jacks. In 2011, The Three Jacks played a series of benefit concerts to raise money for A Better Life Foundation to help support their wonderful work with disabled kids in one of the world’s poorest countries, Burkina Faso…The Three Jacks headed south to Managua, Nicargua and played concerts to raise money for the Fabretto Organization, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children. This followed on the heels of The Three Jack’s successful fundraising concerts in Peru to raise money for those affected by the 2007 earthquake, and Miami for Jackson Memorial Hospital. The Three Jacks also performed at Gusman Center in Miami with million selling international pop star Alexander Rybak.

In addition to producing new projects and doing studio session work, Jack continues to play shows all over the country with Diane Ward, The Three Jacks, Karen Feldner, Darrell Arnold, Edan Archer, Magda Hiller, The Shackdaddy’s, Bonefish Johnny, Darrell Arnold, Nicole Yarling, and many others.

Jack would like to thank Eric Zidovec at Indigo Amplifiers for providing such wonderful guitar amps, and to Cliff at Destroy All Guitars for providing other great amps by Little Walter Tube Amps, Todd Sharp Amps, Lazy J Amps, Glaswerks Amps, and Louis Electric Amps. Jack also plays Carr amps and Welagen amps, as well as wonderful guitars by Dennis Fano, Charles Whitfill and Tom Anderson. And Sage Benado at Benado Effects makes some killer sounding effects pedal boards ! I am honored to be playing such outstanding gear, and thank you for including me in your families !! You make me sound good !!



Jack Shawde



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