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RedSeven Duality 100


RedSeven Duality 100



Duality 100 is the avant-garde of our amp production. Three independent channels of pure bliss for the ears.

The first channel is crystal clear, fat, and never sterile, always ready to provide the clean sound inspired by the early ’60s’60s single-channel amplifiers. Dualityʼs gain, and the volume controls guarantee to give you a multitude of tones.

The second channel, inspired by the “”Plexi sound,”” has a vintage voice that easily manages to go from a semi-clean tone to a very powerful crunch with only the use of your right hand. The third channel is sonic, three-dimensional, rich, and harmonic.

It has a high gain and is ready to explode tons of distorted volume. The second and third channels can be boosted with a “”lead boost”” to obtain an over-the-top saturation while maintaining dynamics and clarity between all the strings. It can cover any sound from crystal clean to the most thorough lead.


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  • Clean channel: inspired by the early ’60s’60s single-channel amplifiers. Volume, gain, high, middle, and bass, and a bright switch. Simple and functional controls;
  • Vintage channel: inspired by the vintage distorted “”Plexi sound””. A true sonic nirvana. From semi-clean tones to a powerful crunch with only the use of your right hand, all in a single channel. Volume, treble, middle, bass, gain, bright switch, and lead boost;
  • Modern Channel: A modern distorted high gain sound. It shares the eq with the Vintage Channel but has dedicated volume and gain controls. Volume, treble, middle, bass, gain, bright switch, and lead boost;
  • High-voltage buffered effects loop; Double Master volume, for two steps of volume;
  • MIDI communication (P.C. and CC) with intelligent internal saving;
  • 100W of total output with E.L. 34 or 6L6 of your choice;
  • Power and signal transformers designed by our specifications, made in Italy;
  • Entirely designed, created, produced, and assembled by hand in Italy by RedSeven Amplification;


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Weight 60 oz
Dimensions 10.63 × 24.80 × 9.45 in


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