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Kii Three System with…


Kii Three System with Kii Control Fine Touch Dark Grey-Special Order


Dutch & Dutch 8C’s are a great choice for home or studio.

Great music deserves faithful reproduction. To fully experience your music and immerse yourself in its beauty, you need an accurate reproduction system. A system that can recreate a recording without additions or omissions.

Achieving this is a challenge with traditional Hi-Fi systems. Most audio systems are simply not accurate to begin with, while the ones that are generally fail to take the room into account.

The 8c is accurate. It is measurably among the most accurate loudspeakers that exist. And the 8c transforms your listening room from a harmful influence into a useful extension, through a stack of technologies called RoomMatching.

Available on backorder


DEMO SYSTEM, Mint condition.

The Kii Three brings an exhilarating and transformative audio experience, delivering unparalleled clarity, deep and resonant bass, and a liveliness that fills the room, enchanting every listener!

We have a Demo pair of Kii Three’s in FIne Touch Dark Grey with Matching Kii Control. These monitors are truly amazing! We are an authorized dealer, so this will come with a warranty.

GAME-CHANGING-The Kii THREE has revolutionized the world of compact speakers, focusing on a level of musical performance not available at this speaker size. The Kii THREE offers the full-bodied sound typically associated with much larger speakers but in a delightfully small package. The Kii Three brings an exhilarating and transformative audio experience, delivering unparalleled clarity, deep and resonant bass, and liveliness that fills the room, enchanting every listener! For those who adore the vibrancy of live music, prepare to have your world rocked. Be prepared to redefine your musical journey completely.

The genius of the Kii THREE lies in its innovative approach to acoustics. Traditional box speakers direct higher frequencies towards listeners, while lower frequencies disperse in all directions. With its compact design, the Kii THREE overcomes this limitation, ensuring that even the bass and low mids are precisely directed toward the listener. This results in clarity and detail in sound, which was once the exclusive domain of prominent speakers, now available in a form that fits effortlessly into your living space–a game-changing experience.

ENDGAME ACOUSTICS-Embracing the essence of exquisite sound, the Kii THREE boasts an impressive array of technical features, all harmoniously working together to create an auditory masterpiece. At its heart, four 6.5″ woofers deliver deep, resonant bass, while the 5″ midrange ensures every note and chord is rendered with exceptional clarity. The 1″ waveguided tweeter adds a touch of brilliance, capturing the subtlest nuances in the music. With an astonishing 1500 Watts of power per speaker, the Kii THREE effortlessly fills any room with dynamic, robust sound. The innovative Line Source Cardioid Dispersion technology is the cherry on top, ensuring sound is projected directly to the listener and meticulously controlled to reduce room reflections. This results in a pure, immersive listening experience that brings you closer to the music you love, enveloping you in a blanket of sonic perfection. The Kii THREE doesn’t just play music; it transforms your living space into a concert hall, where every performance feels intimate and alive. Our advanced technology makes this system a wise investment for any room size, due to our ability to adapt to virtually any acoustical environment.


Custom Waveguided Tweeter

Our Custom Waveguide Tweeter is an acoustic device that helps control and direct the dispersion of sound waves the tweeter produces. Our Waveguide improves the tweeter’s efficiency, controls its directivity, and enhances its overall performance.

5” Midrange

Our five-inch midrange provides a smooth frequency response, delivering incredible clarity, detail, and precision. Making vocals and instruments sound lifelike and engaging.

Cardioid DispersionIn a nutshell, our technology solves one of the biggest problems in audio playback: the acoustics in your room. Due to its directional dispersion, it eliminates much of the negative influence of the listening room.Four 6.5 inch Woofers

Experience the pinnacle of sound with our advanced 6.5-inch Active Wave Focused Woofers, now featuring four dynamic drivers. This quartet of precision-engineered woofers elevates your audio experience, delivering unrivaled directionality and a robust bass that transforms how you hear and feel music.

Built-in Amplification

1500 Watts amplification (per speaker) allows sufficient headroom to generate incredible clarity, detail, and tonal balance.

Wave Focusing Crossover Filter

A groundbreaking development in acoustics is now a reality: creating compact directional speakers, exemplified by the Kii THREE. This innovative speaker boasts four impeccably synchronized drivers, each designed to produce sonic quality of unparalleled clarity and precision.

Woofer 4 x 6.5″

Midrange1 x 5”

Tweeter 1×1″ waveguided tweeter, all individually driven

Amplification 1.500 W full-custom Class D

Active Wave Focusing Crossover Filter

Frequency Response -6dB: 20Hz, 100Hz-10kHz: +/- 0.5dB, 10kHz-20kHz: +/- 1dB

Integrated Tone Control

Phase ResponseSelectable, linear phase or minimum latency

Protection Limiters

Controlled Directivity4.8dB (54Hz – 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)

InputsAnalogue, AES/EBU, KiiLink SPDIF, TOSLink, USB on Kii Control.

Size and Weight20x40x40cm, 8″ x16″ x16″ (WxHxD), 19kg (40lbs)

Selectable correction for free-standing, near wall or in corner (14 positions)

Automatic Standby Mode

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