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Contests runs from July 6 to August 31, 2018.

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For our international contestants, please be aware, that if you win, you will be responsible for all applicable customs, duties & taxes, for the goods being shipped to you. Good Luck!

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Win a Waterloo WL-K & SonoTone Strings
@sonotone & @waterlooguitars contest


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1st Prize

a value of $2,687.98


SonoTone Symphonic 11-50


SonoTone Concert 11-50

1 CONCERT 11-50

Weighing in at under three pounds, the featherweight WL-K is an exciting new 12-fret addition to the Waterloo line built with maximum responsiveness in mind. Inspired by the elusive instruments manufactured under the sub-brand Kel Kroydon around 1930, which were touted at the time to offer the utmost in vibratory response and the finest tone available, the WL-K is delicately built using lightweight materials and supported by thinly carved braces. When paired with a minimal lacquer finish, the resulting tone is dry and transparent with just the right level of complexity in the overtones, capable of capturing the expressiveness of the player down to the finest nuance.

With a 24 7/8″ scale length and moderately sized, oval shaped neck, the WL-K is a fingerstyle player’s delight, but this is by no means the extent of the guitar’s versatility. Exceptional clarity and note separation make it well-suited to a variety of other playing styles and a logical choice for singer-songwriters and purveyors of traditional roots music. A carbon fiber T-bar running through the neck provides stability and efficient transfers of energy back into the body, producing a resonance you can feel.

All WL-K models feature carefully selected spruce tops and mahogany back and sides with a light shade top finish, vintage-style cutthrough saddle, and come sans-pickguard. The WL-K is also available with an optional hand-painted “Southwest” scene that pays homage to the American tradition of cowboy stencil guitars from the Depression era. Due to this model’s ultra-lightweight construction, we recommend a maximum string gauge of .011″ to .052″. Hardshell TKL case included.

All Waterloo models are handmade in Austin, Texas.

Body Width:14 3/4″
Body Length:19 1/4″
Body Depth:4 1/4″
Scale Length:24 7/8″
Nut Width:1 3/4″
Saddle Spacing:2 3/8″
Recommended Strings:SonoTone Symphonic or Concert 11-50’s

* Kel Kroydon is a trademark held by its owner and has no affiliation with Collings Guitars, Inc. Reference is made for historical purposes only.

2nd Prize

a value of $37.98

SonoTone Symphonic 11-50

Select Your Gauges
11-50 | 12-53 | 13-56

SonoTone Concert 11-50

Select Your Gauges
11-50 | 12-53 | 13-56

3rd Prize

a value of $18.99

SonoTone Symphonic 11-50

Select Your Gauge
11-50 | 12-53 | 13-56


Enter a video of you playing your guitar, singing is optional.

Contests runs from July 6 to August 31, 2018.

We will pick winners based on votes and entries, that have a clever title, well recorded video, description, and includes our hashtag #sonotonewaterloocontest and suggested post text with links.

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You must be 18 years of age.

No purchase necessary.

You can enter and vote as much as you like.

You cannot return or exchange the prizes for other products or gift cards.

Winners will be notified by email within 3 days of the contest ending. Winners will have 7 days to respond.

Please no use of profanity or inappropriate pictures or video, this will disqualify you from our contest.

Have Fun! SonoTone Strings and Waterloo Guitars are an amazing match!


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